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Hi I'm Natalie 

Firstly thanks for stopping by.

Im the owner of strutorstumble  & owner of #mybrokenbodyandme

Im 50years old single mum, with complex medical history. Related to a mix of autoimune diseases & bowel disease. Im a big beliver in positivty. Not much of my body left and whats left doesnt work great lol.. but im proud of still smiling 😊I adore exploring fashion for the maturer lady. I have some of my fashion ideas on my instagram page, if you want to have a look. 😊

Herb studying & natural ways to help maintain us the best we can in our spoonielives. 

My aim is to jot down, share my journey with you. My son is also ill so lots of tips, love, facts how we make the best of everything.

Here to help in anyway i can. Invisable illness can suck but lets not let it rob us of everything.

I enjoy everything i always have just now have to preserve my spoons along the way & live a little more carefully should i say.

would love to share my story how it started & how we are today. 

Oh & by the way spelling as best as i can with the joys of spell check as I'm dyslexic .. but not letting that stop me either... so apoligies in advance for any errors 🙌😊💕

If you like my site or a particular page then please give a 👍 comments welcome.. 🌹

my inbox is always open should you need a friend or advice. 💕

Nice to meet you x

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